The Animal Dojo Mach II is a recording facility based in beautiful Youngstown, Ohio, on the banks of the mighty Mahoning River, U.S.A., centralized between the fine cities of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area. The studio is based around an 1000 sq. ft., fully treated tracking room/dedicated control room , two isolation rooms, and a secondary control/tracking room, featuring a Midas console, Pro Tools HD, as well as a wide selection of digitized plug-in solutions and wonderful hardware tools with many, many, many knobs.

And gear? While capturing the sound developed by the sound maker intact is paramount, we also offer other options for the artiste, gear wise. This includes: various amplification from Orange, Earth, Fender, Sound City, Ampeg, various 4×12”, 4×10”, 8×10”, and single 15” cabinets, various snare drums and traps kits, percussion, synths, pedals, and hacked/bent oddities. Go wild!

When not recording, the studio also features a lounge with tables, a sink, a chair and fox pelt, custom artwork, a garbage can, and a functional bathroom. Walk out the door and you’re minutes away from a bowling alley, seedy taverns, thrift stores, bicycle trails, and various grub options. Or stay in the lounge and heat something up in our microwave—you read that correctly, a microwave! (Side note: We still can’t locate the microwave, since the move). Welcome to the future!